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Many of us do our best to stick to healthy food and habits, but maybe it’s time to pause and think whether we even know what’s best for our body! One man’s fitness mantra might just be a myth for another. Maybe it’s best to seek help of the experts. And by experts I don’t mean visiting a Nutritionist and burning a hole in your pocket in the process. I meant turning to something like ‘Zoe’ to gain some perspective.

Zoe has taken upon themselves to ensure that we plug the gap between the actual nutrition requirements of our body and what we actually feed it. They have collaborated with health and wellness experts and come out with their range of cold pressed juices, parfaits, vegan frappes and smoothies. All of this, in an endeavor to make our everyday diet wholesome and complete.

Their products are reasonably priced and can be ordered individually or one can opt for their subscription plans for five, seven, twenty or thirty days.

Their juices are made from very interesting combination of ingredients, supplying the desired micro-nutrients to the body for its optimal functioning. Every bottle of juice contains details about the ingredients, their benefits and nutritional and micro- nutrient facts.

Among the ones that I ordered, my favorite was Feel the Win. It contained watermelon, coconut water, pomegranate, rosemary, tomato and lemon leaves. It was a tad sweet and very refreshing, just the way I like my juices.

Also tried Feel the Youth which contains Pineapple, orange, bottle gourd, cucumber, basil, raw turmeric, curry leaves. This one was too strong for my taste buds, but every once in a while health must trump taste, as this combination has phenomenal benefits for skin and hair and also helps fight cancer.

Feel the Optimism came to a close second rank for me. The combination of Pineapple, tomato, red bell pepper, carrot, mint, fennel seeds, although was quite unsual, but in a good way. Not just that, it helps boost immunity, improve metabolism and has positive effects on cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

I also tried some of their parfaits and they are the perfect confluence of health and taste. The combination of yoghurt, oatmeal, honey & exotic fruits are designed to answer the sweet cravings without making you feel guilty about the calories. The parfaits had fruits and oatmeal between layers of honey and homemade Greek yoghurt and tasted delicious without making me feel too full.

My favorite was Zing, basically because it had my favorite things, strawberries and chocolate chips, besides almonds. This one is a little sweet though, so I would recommend it only if you don’t mind that.

For others, who don’t like the sugar rush, Verve is your answer. With bananas, chia seeds and red grapes, this one will satiate your appetite and make for a perfect brekkie option.

I also tried Elan with pomegranate, pistachio and oats. This one is a perfect example of how simple ingredients can woo the taste buds. This parfait tasted naturally sweet and was very light. The pomegranate, pistachios and oats gave the smooth yoghurt lovely crunchiness.

I honestly can’t choose my favorite among the parfaits. You may want to try all. Gurgaon peeps must give them a shot!

Location: T-24, Cyber Green,DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon 122002

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